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bones on the animus vox this is just a glitchy-glitch mob de ja vou cuz' the cats are dead every nigga shootin' another nigga in the head bitches be bitches cuz' bitches fuck brothers sisters parents children guess those common values this world chose to ignore God's pissed the fuck off why the fuck you think global warming occurred finally some scientific proof for the atheists agnostics are cockless and the artists are selling out cuz' it's cheaper to be seen gotta be seen if you live the dreams dreams are the best if the best is real the real is tired though, jesus had a strange life walked on water and the whole world denied it then you fuckers wondering why crimes and why problems oh, well, look at the history books now look at modern violence triple sevens on the nine elevens authority of the minorities the minorities are happy being mean so that's the revenge eh fuck over everyone except me and my clan fuck you with a pistol right through your flesh cuz' my ego is so brilliant damn I must be God what a man, what a valiant, what a brave one it's true though it's pure though but why you gotta clean it pristine in the oil fields salmons screaming save this yeah the formula is still the same but it's gotten more drastic gotta step up past the game how many leaders are gonna rooster fuck a battle you all win now shut the fuck up bow down and pray bow down and pray bow down and pray worship the devil and you will all be dismayed on the days when it rains God is just pissing remember what Jesus says love thy enemy Father forgive them are you ready to die are you ready to die are you ready to die this whole world in denial and would rather stay in an altar sit on a throne be someone the greatest someone already came and left now the cum is dripping but your mouths aren't open are you ready to die are you ready to die are you ready to die your ticket to heaven got destroyed by the lottery your wife and your husband got crushed by infidelity are you ready to die are you ready to die are you ready to die just what are your loyalties to God or to pride bow down and pray are you ready to die #audio #Die

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