Invisible Thread

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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Invisible Thread I gotta spill this right now cuz' if I don't then I will fade out I will wither as a leaf and you will stomp on me crunch-crunch skip-a-beat ain't no tomorrow and ain't no yesterday I saw you from a distance so now it's now and we'll see maybe if you punch me I'll be impressed better yet fight me and lemme pass your test I ain't about the battles but lately I've had a change of mind I left my old crew I'm looking for a new sensei - sigh I just gotta get this off my brain I'm living not knowing how the fuck to live a dream you up there on the stages I'm not in the same territories I don't wanna be a lil' bitch and whine as a victim rather be up there with you if only I was smarter and knew better people cuz' every player on my path has fucked me over the ninja of my life decided to just use me as quota fuck it, fuck that, I aint' about betrayal or revenge but the door is sealed shut I'm fighting now for some real happiness I mean every day you superstars mock me I'm doing my best to train to be somebody don't know what the fuck to do or how to do it don't fucking laugh, I ain't stupid so you have friends and you have protection I don't have anybody, even my enemies left me I fight my own battles if I actually had any left to fight a man told me once I was intimidating so instead of whooping my ass he decided to insult my ambitions what the fuck do I have to tell you to prove my worth just tell me what the fuck do I have to do I am who I am, why isn't that enough what the fuck do you want? my blood? today I'm no different but I aint' the same I'm cool with the devil and I'm cool with the saints when I walk into a room everybody shuts up and all I'm doing is being quiet dressed in a black hoodie and camo pants why won't you talk to me why won't you open up if you won't fight me then at least say hi my previous master told me I was screwed in the head that I had a bad craving for war fuck it maybe I should be a killer instead get back into the military and shoot myself in the head naw, fuck that, I ain't no quitter I won't even shoot you in the head I definitely won't be dead all I know is I gotta get this off my chest my heart's a mess my heart's a mess aint' no rthym to this art I'm just an invisible thread #audio #InvisibleThread

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