How Real

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How Real _________ when I was 11 my parents split suitcase jetsetter rolled my life up into a ball, done with it moved back and forth while time stood still gave up on love, decided couldn't find what I missed looked in the windows of shopping malls searched in the lines of classic novels hoped it would be in the lines and in the lips of lovers it wasn’t went to the beach years after the end my father is dead and I don't have any friends my mother's trapped in a marriage with a psychopath man I've got a stepbrother and a half-brother attached to my head this is how real it gets this is how real it gets this is how real it gets I'm not from africa, my first world struggles are nothing really I've had it all quite lucky got food in my mouth and a shelter to sleep still it aint' what I want and it aint' what I need cuz' this spiritualist is going through some more existential criseses I have to save my broken family I have to correct the planet from monstrosities I climbed up a cliff to stand at the top of it looked down at the beautiful pristine water this moment is perfect but what, what, could make it better? Cristal in a 7 star hotel with my mother and my brothers cuz' this life will be over before I've figured it out this smart-ass punk just got a dose of hard drugs I have to accept that my standards are of luxurious taste I have yet to achieve the life I was born to live when I was 11 my parents split since then I've been living in a nightmare denying it I'm not complaining, my trauma is nothing in comparison no stability but I saw the world 7 times over before I was 18 I've been a rich spoilt brat guilty from advantages probably something to do with the reason it didn't line up with my mom and dad power and money don't always equal satisfaction but this aint' about power and it's not about control it is about money, but I'm after for it for the soul cuz' it is not just me in this universe it's a huge place full of injustices I can't fix them from my jesus righteousness I have to be a gangster so I have to keep at it with a different set of strategies cuz' when I was 11 my parents split now one is dead and the other settles for a life half-lived so it's on my shoulders to change the fate for me and my family then fix the world and all of its problems I might not ever be president but I can be the best of me, and I can be the best me I might not ever be Madonna but I can pull all of my strengths, and put all my strength into being better than free so I wasn't ever a material girl but maybe it's fate that I'm after money for soul when I was 11 my parents split my mother is still alive and I've got two brothers that need it I am not an orphan from kenya but for me that's how real it gets I am no better than anyone else just better today than when I was when I was 10 to be honest I'm proud of the human that I am but this 'live in the now' train, I'm leaving embracing development of implemented executive plans execute my plans I had roug

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