War [Within]

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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I'm in a war with my enemies they live inside my skin they're battling my sanity every day I win this war is a minefield I die every minute yesterday was gettysburg tomorrow it's infinity my mentor beat me up in the bathroom I broke my bones in the woods honestly for years everything hurts I'm at war with my number one enemy his name is myself she's always being a bitch he's always being a man these two are battling like frenemies every day some new ideal to reach she never shuts up he smacks me until I learn how to breathe strangers look at me like I'm a lunatic on the subway I talk to myself she's a sociopathic schizophrenic he's a bipolar gangster I'm at war with a violence I fuck myself every day if you dare to be raped by your own brain you'll always get paid you'll get your acclaim, your fortune, your fame you'll get your bitches, you'll get your male fans I'm in a war with my psychosis she always hates me, he's always got my back this war is sure to kill me truth is it already did but peace is a stupid idea extremity is how I live an anonymous revolution the feds are getting their dicks hacked it's the rise of the enemy the enemy within telepathic nation that's really the communication of God you can try to guess my frequency I'm at war with myself #audio #MeVsMe #War #RiseOfTheCats #RevengeOfTheNerds

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