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The Korean concept of 'Gibun' inspired this track. Ideal 'Gibun' :::::: 멍이 :::::: is a natural equilibrium Koreans learn to develop, an intuitive sense about the innermost states of self and those of others - leading to flowing as one with environment. Acquirement of this rhythm is an important aspect of Korean culture which places peace, harmony, and balance above all other values. I wanted to assemble something symphonically which captures this. Camoflage, deception, hiddenness, avoidance, and cloaking of the spirit are all vital elements of Ninjutsu, which contrary to popular western belief is the only martial art whose purpose is to keep peace rather than engage in war. A Ninja is both an Artist of space and time, and a 'reader' of spirits, becoming whatever is necessary for the purpose of permanently eliminating conflict - even in battle a ninja will not reveal the full range of capability but will instead reflect & deflect the movements of an opponent just as an Actor expresses fluidity through accurate reaction. Combining the stances of Gibun & Ninjutsu, a Master Ninja exhibits elegance in finger-snapping as the act itself requires both speed and precise dexterity of muscle movement whilst retaining a graceful understanding of the intrinsic patterns of nature, using the body as a tool to create music in accompaniment to the cosmos. The "Finger Snap" is a symbol which to me indicates a break of the barrier between inter-reality and mega, or 'external' reality; a reminder to stay present in the moment - whatever that moment may be. To awaken the sleeping giant within into alertness. An ancient action, with a modern use, applicable to enlighten any chaotic or mundane circumstance. I'd even go so far as to state, the Finger Snap in its sharp mathematical subtlety is an extremely powerful, sensuous weapon. #audio #Gibun #Trap #Trance

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