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: I'M THEANOMALYINFINITE : My First Name Is TheAnomaly My Last Name Is Infinite I was created in a lab So that I could change history The only choice of my existence was to free myself of mortal imprisonage I sought the truth over everything so that I could transform parliament My people bled everywhere I went Nerds, thinkers, dreamers, lovers, freaks, geniuses No place on this planet for us to go Always give them Haters a sparkly show In the midst of my worst winters my best loyals stabbed me in the chest I bled chunks of acid screaming "What the fuck is next?!" then God spoke to me and told me, "Daughter, I got your back" My First Name Is TheAnomaly My Last Name Is Infinite I can breathe in the darkness without my own nose The Holy Spirit gives me powers, you don't know what I know I watched too many Disney movies to believe any lies I will never live a life buried alive This heart of mine throws knives through every compromise Integrity's a fallacy on the planet of greed I chose to be creed, I chose to be free Beyond all the anvils and bullets Nothing will ever destroy Me You diss me cuz' you miss you When you see you in what I am I ain't fallin' for that bullshit Go get another 401k plan #audio #The #Anomaly #Infinite

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