New World

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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this is the creation of a new world when all the bodies revert to souls when all the monsters become free to roam when all the secrets are unearthed exposed this is the era of the geniuses of the crazies, nutters, psychotic blazes when all of the wild thoughts the overlords authorized to keep pent up will be released through holy grail blood it's been centuries of oppression millenniums of violent hatred aggression you're about to fell the wrath of hades christ erupted in death to give peace to all nations I'm the one that was sent to release you from your prison camps tell your masters you refuse to submit rise up against the ignorance I am pure so they have slewn me with slaughter I am pure so they have slewn me with slander I am true so they have called me damage I am good so they have labeled me evil now I stand before you telling you these threats are all meaningless don't go soft on me be hard, be rough just utilize your weaponized chemicals towards the right purpose I am the solution I am the generated mix you are either with me or against me either way I'm giving spirits back their rights to live it was I who was there at each betrayal when you sold me to the devils to gain your entry did you think I would forget the names of every one of you who lied and fell flagrant no I do not care for vengeance my missive is about prevention these multiverses have long been at war I wish to strip down all to naked love so now you ask my name and you demand to verify my tales my lives are not for you to know or understand simply come with me, take my hand free these people give them back their lands I'm TheAnomalyInfinite Give your heart to God #audio #New World #TheAnomalyInfinite

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