Brain Master

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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I'm the brain master you can call me violet haze I don't waste energy I don't explain my ways there is no internal that I cannot demonstrate beat it through a skull with the hammers in my veins if there's rubik's I scissor thru em' on the gate I float into oblivion I never been the type for cotillions hoodie, camo pants, I am my own artillery I have never tolerated mindless soldiers I will never abide by orders never had a mosh of groupies I'd rather every individual rise up with me I am standing as a dagger ready to go through any matter you better watch just where you canter I'm an arabian without a castle A nomad from the desert I belong to no clans or mob deeps I am my own hero, I am my own enemy you have friends, you got homies? I own strange, I own me Aint' no homies at my altar Aint' no crowd cheering me on Always been alone and always been gone It's gonna be that way forever and then some Links in those chains can squeeze you into mousse make you squirt and make you squirm I pledge allegiance to no human race I'm The Anomaly Infinite #audio #BrainMaster #NoCrimes

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