I Do It For The Heart

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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only one life I'd rather die for my dreams than be buried with them within every talent, ability, skill my world, my thrills they ask me why I do this is it towards the fame is it for the money is it to collect names it's easier to settle it's easier to die pick a number outta the transit line fall in to the ordered line they ask me why I spend time when I could give up my minutes to settle down is it for the attention is it for the flames is it for the high I do it for the heart I do it in the love I do it cuz' I got these arrows inside of me targets in my mind I do it for the heart I do it in the love I do it cuz' it matters I do it cuz' it's art this world tries to get you frowning people try to corrupt your swagger they ask me why I do this for me it's the only way to get past it all that ache in the muscles I put it into this all the heartbreak of the sadness I turn it into mist these times ain't even close to eden that don't mean we gotta be oblivious autodidacts are the world's new saviors creators are the makers in a dawn of angels #audio #IDoItForTheHeart

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