The Hybrid LILIANA

Published by The Anomaly Infinite [( A. I )]

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do you wanna soar do you wanna swim do you wanna fly do you wanna dive in do you wanna scream do you wanna know do you wanna bleed just to let it show do you need to feel the way I feel because I fight for what is real do you wanna live do you wanna die do you wanna soar do you wanna fly been where you been walked where you walked do you need some help do you wanna talk we could love all night we could do all day we could dream side-by-side wake up right next to me __________________ where do I start this piss aggression, anger and redemption calm and violence, fights and silence I could tell you about God better yet I'll tell you about laws did you know that accurate reactions to karmatic good intentions increase expenditure of premonition the spirit of true admission now as we dive deeper and you float further on the ceiling you should probably kill that insecure ego "but this song, it's a title, it's an arrogant claim" there's a difference between flight and meaning and cohesive coalition political economics and the lies of liars I trust you cuz I know that you are honest can you let go and let me know who you are, what you were, what you want what you need, what you dream, what you see as to myself I'm all about changing our world's reality you already know my name I wanna know what yours is this is how artists piss on their own stage spark your cum so profound it'll make the whole world change #audio #TheHybridLILIANA #LILIANA

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