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Totally Creative
I search for inspiration everywhere and the expression by all means, that is why I have developed with experience, studies and hard work differents and varied techniques in visual communication. I develop the design and creativity focused and specialized for entrepreneurs in the world, from individuals to large companies that want to truly grow with their talent.

Day rate
For example, $150 per day (estimate)

Employment and project experience
“Sketch” El Mueble Ideal / Graphic Designer //
Graphic Design Unit, Production and Events. 2009 - Venezuela.

“Animandes Producciones” / Internships and Production Assistant Hired //
Art Direction, Design, Animation with Preproduction, production and postproduction process. 2010 - Venezuela

“Diario Pico Bolivar” (News Paper) / Photographer and layout artist //
Photography, Editorial Design and Printing processes (Prepress, press and postpress). 2010 - Venezuela

“Sisé Centro De Ideas” / Junior Designer //
Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising, Corporate Identity, Photography, Web Design and Editorial. 2011 - Venezuela

“HobbySoft C. A.” / Senior Designer //
Design, Branding, Advertisign, Corporative identity, Animation, Vídeo, Web, Photography and Art Direction. 2011 - Venezuela

“Lis Salvatierra” / Frelancer // Graphic Design. Visual communication. Illustration passionate for editorial and Book design specially.

Qualifications and education
*Degree in Graphic design // Universidad de Los Andes (ULA) Venezuela.

2nd meeting about design’s history and studies. Participant, 2007, ULA. Venezuela.

“Comprehensive management of web design” 48 hours, 2007, ULA. Venezuela.

“Semiotics V International congress” Participant, theoretical and practical, 2007, ULA. Venezuela.

“Cycles of talks and workshop, Expressive typography” with Adam Kallish and Alexandra Giza. 2008, ULA. Venezuela.

“Adobe Illustrator”. 32 hours, ULA.Venezuela.

“Adobe Photoshop”. 32 hours, ULA.Venezuela.

“Adobe Premiere”. 16 hours, ULA. Venezuela.

“Typography with Jorge Monttero” 2009, ULA. Venezuela.

“Digital Illustration” digital technics, touches and practical use of
the digitizer tablet, 2010, by FreelanceStudios C.A. Venezuela.

“Composition, writing and spelling I, II and II”, 30 hours, 2013,
Dir. Cultura ULA, FUNDEL. Venezuela.

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Day rate:
USD $ 100
Next availability:
April 16, 2019
Industry Experience:
Professional Services
Gear & Software Experience:
Adobe Illustrator ( Expert )
Adobe Photoshop ( Expert )
Adobe InDesign ( Expert )
Adobe Premiere Pro ( Intermediate )