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Rotterdam, Centrum, Netherlands
Last online: 3 months ago

He started with DJing, when he was 15 years old, in clubs in Košice, where was playing disco music.
In that time, he was under influence of commercial music, but he started to prefer dance music.

Break is coming in phase, when he started to visit dance actions, techno parties, where was so enchanted by music, that he wanted to become a DJ.
So, he bought his first turntable decks Since 2007

He chose hardtechno as his style and he is loyal to Hardtechno and Techno untill present.

First invitations as DJ is coming in year 2008.

In years 2009 is Luckes coming back to Slovakia, where he is continuing with his passion, he is getting more experience and opportunities to organise his own parties.

First promotion project is party called Hard Sound, where played DJs as Golpe, Sepromatiq, Bentech, Matthew, Hogar and others artists.

In year 2012 he started working for booking schranz.sk

He still organise Hard Sound and another club parties, which is getting more popular.

After this experience is Luckes starting with new booking event called Creative Urban Event which is acting in Europe cities and their clubs, also cooperate with street art events.