Luke Pieters
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Cape Town, South Africa
Last online: 4 years ago

I am a music producer from Cape Town, South Africa. I love electronica and jazz and world and a lot of other genres it would be pointless to name. Big fan of Natural organic sampled music, really love stuff that comes from everyday life… I’ve been producing for about four years now and I recently broadened my interests to djing. Looking for a way to share my music. Hope you enjoy what you hear. Please follow me on twitter tumblr and so forth, it would mean a lot to me.

Please contact me for information if you need it. my email adress is:

Soo Check out my blog thingy (up there ↑) or here:

if you want… also i have too much spare time on my hands so if you want to collab just email me or something and I’ll reply in under 24 hours cus I don’t have a social life… thanks for hastily skimming this here piece of writing have a good day.

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