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Washington, United States
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I’m independent artist and a free agent of all music! My passion is the genre of music known as “Hip-Hop”, Hip-Hop is a genre that pulls me to it like the earth pulls us to it. Hip-hop is the reinvention of itself always evolving as it spreads. I started rapping when I was younger, because when I heard my first Hip-hop song “Protect Ya Neck”, on the Album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36th Chambers)”, and I thought that the style was raw chaos and fluent order at the same time like fire and water coexisting.
Moreover, I came from a nowhere town known as Marianna, hit the streets running good kid just like to have fun till, I had to grow up on them raw streets with my momma struggling to pay the bills, eventually I thought I had no choice but to be a product of my environment. Music helped me see I was wrong about my circumstances and that I can change them if I try hard enough, and so can you!!
To Be Continued…

Thanks to the Wu-tang for the path they left for me and many others to learn from, Thank You!!!

I love Hip hop and I love my Area!

Love and Unity for more information about services contact me:
Name: Dante “Lumbrrr Jack” Ferguson
Email: https://www.twine.fm/signin

    uniE603 Ancient Dark Element (prod. by Out Da Sticks Inc.)
    uniE603 Summer Night Instrumental v.1 (prod. by Out Da Sticks Inc.)
    uniE603 Thee Switch Glitch (prod. by Out Da Stick, Inc.)
    uniE603 King Sala Hu Din (ft. Lumbrrr Jack)
    uniE603 MBK Warriors (ft. Lumbrrr Jack)
    uniE603 Doorways (ft. Lumbrrr Jack)
    uniE603 Peace Is Because (ft. Lumbrrr Jack)