Insane Clown Posse - Chicken Huntin (Lusion Remix)

Published by Lusion

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Like the tune? Hit the [Repost] button! ⇆ Check out my site at The first glitchy tune from Lusion. Remix of the Insane Clown Posse classic Chicken Huntin. The video made to this is a mash up of different ICP tracks that I thought were suitable.. Chicken Huntin is a track that speaks against racism, where racists are referred to as chickens. I happen to think that anyone can be a prick no matter if they're black, white or even green from some planet we don't know of. Personality is developed from upbringing and environment, primates like us should never judge anything by their skin color... except mushrooms. Don't eat the red ones. I have always respected the independent success of ICP and been a big fan especially of their early work where their raps were more in style of stories in contrast to commercial hip hop / rap where I found very little substance to what was being said. Like the tune? Hit the [Repost] button! ⇆ Check out my site at Love them or hate them, ICP has managed to achieve having a cult like following allowing them to make music for a hardcore (and now very large) audience to this day. This alone is an element any unknown or up and coming artist can admire and respect. Even commercial artists can appreciate this as although the Insane Clown Posse have not made commercial success their large fan base does not let their flame extinguish. The same cannot be said to those that are put through the commercial scene and forgotten once dropped from the charts. #audio #Glitch Hop #insane #clown #posee #icp #glitch #hop #remix #juggalo #psychopathic #hiphop #underground #detroit #boondox #ABK #lusion #download

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