Living Colour - Cult of Personality (Lusion Remix)

Published by Lusion

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Like the tune? Hit the [Repost] button! ⇆ Check out my site at Ok, so I'm an oldschool wrestling nut. Growing up in the 316 era, who could ignore it? Maybe it's not quite what it used to be, but nothing ever is. I'll always have the memories of the backyard brawls between my brother, myself and friends. With drop kicks off trampolines, power bombs through beds, and figure 4 leg locks that we still attempt today ;) When WWE came to my city in the South Pacific a few years back, we gathered like good little Hulkamaniaks! New to us, was the very impressive CM Punk. I gotta say, this guy made us tune in again! And what a fitting theme - Living Colour - Cult Of Personality. Some songs I make with a simple idea like.. wanting to use an anvil sound for a snare, or deciding I needed to add to the thousands of songs sampling the amen brother loop - In this case, I thought i'd see what would come out of this great vocal track. Download away if you enjoy it ;) #audio #ghetto funk #glitch #hop #cm #punk #wwe #theme #remix #lusion #download

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