Nelly - Country Grammar (Lusion Remix)

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Ok lets jump in our time machine.. I'm 16 years old, my friend turns up with his bass bin infested car.. two 12" alpines in the back, and a 15" laying across where the front seat of the car should be.. "check this out" he smirks.. As he blasts the volume to full, shaking the shit out of any wire fence and making a game out of how many alarms we can set off in a shopping mall. (once set off a house alarm.. somehow) - what was blasting from that demonic but loved setup? Nelly - Country Grammar. The hot shit. Love it or hate it, this track, half credited to its quality and half to the memories that it gave me I felt had to be brought back. I did my best to keep the swing of the tune as it's something that makes it quite unique and gives it its bounce. Hopefully I did a good enough job of it! So here you have it.. my 2013 rendition of Country Grammar! If you don't hear much bass, try it on some proppa woofers. Go see how many alarms you can set off ;) I think both the video & the song paint a good picture of my late teens.. with street racing being in it's peak in the early 2000's and movies like The Fast and Furious coming out.. excuse me while I go do burnouts. I was originally going to put together some Nelly vids for this but I had no access to decent quality and this track to me always went hand in hand with cars, from street racing, to cranking sounds.. to being at the beach with the windows down and feet up in the air. Anyone got a time machine yet? #audio #ghetto funk #glitch #hop #lusion #nu #funk #download #remix

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