Blackstreet - No Diggity (Lusion Remix)

Published by Lusion

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Like the tune? Hit the [Repost] button! ⇆ Video: What a crazy tune. Before the original came out, most people involved with it didn't think it would be a hit, some going as far as to say they didn't even like the song! Teddy Riley pushed the track and he turned out to be right feeling it. Just goes to show, sometimes the majority isn't right and you have to go with your gut. I'm a big believer of doing your own thing despite what others think and I 'dig' that this tune represents that.. The track itself I think was an instant classic. One of those tunes that you just have to respect, no matter whether or not you like the genre. 1996 Was a good year - I was playing Killer Instinct on my snes like crazy, pro wrestling wasn't sports entertainment, it was fricken real man! I remember sitting there waiting for the radio dj to play the song so I could tape it (cd's were too flash 'n pricey for me in that day) - you'd sit there trying to hit record at just the right time so you didn't catch the guy talking over the tune! I always liked the version without the rap though, not to take anything away from dre & co but this tune just sits better on its own.. So i'm on a rampage of remixing old tunes I like and this one was at the top of the list. Drop it a share if you like my work on it. Check my soundcloud for more tracks, remixes & originals. More at #audio #deep house #2step #nu #funk #lusion #download #interscope #Swing #RnB

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