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The first Album by Dubuque based emcee, Lyric. In this project, Lyric takes the listener to discover the difference between just music and art. Tracklist: 1. Vibration Initiation (Intro) 2. Hey There (Feat. SOUL) 3. Problems (Feat. TC) 4. Bounce (Feat. J. Dot Mane) 5. PSB 6. Vibration 2 (Skit) 7. Home 8. Psychosis 9. Happy Pills 10. All Gone (Feat. Charles DaBeast) 11. Vibration 3 (Skit) 12. Good Vibes 13. Alright 14. LTD 15. Ghost 16. Vibration Expiration (Outro) Follow MUR on Insta: The MUR Collective Follow MUR on Snapchat: The MUR Collective Follow Lyric on Insta: Lyric_MUR Follow Lyric on Snapchat: LyricMUR Lyric, MUR Collective, 2017. All Rights Reserved #Vibes #MUR #FullAlbum

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