Mislead Youth of the 90's
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Fayetteville, United States
Last online: 6 months ago
IG: @chef._.nella @alejandro6113 @nooaher_ Booking: mlyot90s@gmail.com http://www.audiomack.com/album/mlyouth/accident-prone-vol-1 Look this is how it goes Hurt Boy Nella & Erratic Nella are the same people but all Hurt Boy songs are less serious and more fun Hurt Boy Nella makes Trillwave Erratic Nella makes Rap MLYouth Stands for (Mislead Youth of the 90's) and thats my rap group everything uploaded to this page is Mislead Youth affiliated Erratic Nella Hurt Boy Nella Coolio Swank Alex Hurt Boy Alex Hurt Boy Noah are all members of MLY

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