It Has To Start Sometime

Published by Shane M

  • 1 credits

This track is downright true Drum and Bass which i have wanted to create for a long time after many sessions of listening to Pendulum. It sat with all the other projects for almost a year before I found some decent VST presets and was able to match them up to what I wanted. I originally envisioned a pulsating hard hitting Drum and Bass track with slight "wubs" in there. And after a foundation of the kicks, I progressed further into the feel of it. It went through 3 variations before it got to this stage. Each one progressively got further chaotic. Few samples in there, Hellcat - Must Die! (Growl), Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio etc. Enjoy! #audio #Drum Bass #Drum # #Bass #Electronic #Dance #Drumstep

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