Fubwucker (Original Mix)

Published by Shane M

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The last track that's going to be on my first actual EP. Not sure of the title yet but it's going to be done soon. This track was to be the final to just completely kill every other track. I think it worked. Using elements of hard dance and bits of traditional dubstep, it became this literal "Fubwucker". I have been through 4 different versions of this track and every time I listened back, I wasn't happy each time. So went back again and redid almost 50% of what it was. I will probably re-up the VIP mixes in the future, but for now, I consider this one finished. I hope you all enjoy this track and giving a big shout out to all the people in the industry! Thanks heaps! #audio #Dubstep #House #Brostep #Dance #Glitch

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