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Busan, Yeonje-gu, South Korea
Last online: 10 months ago


Since 2000, at a young age, he underground indie punk band started out as a singer, and feels attracted to electronica music,
DJ music, as a new activity begins.
House music with a focus on his music a strong
Mix your own music style and progressive house and electro house sound that is many song mash up drop mixed.
Mr.Vin will dance your body and soul!!

Mr.Vin Gig with Tune Brother,
Oliver Twizt,Spenkers,Oriental Funk Stew,
Humming Urban Stereo,Dj Koo,
Cray Caos,Jon Lockley,FreakHouze,
Ralph Good,Kiann,Famtatal,Dj Junko,
House Rulez,Dj Kai,Daishi Dance…
many more…