Broose MaSTeRWeRK
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Regensburg, Innenstadt, Germany
Last online: 1 year ago

Dj Masterwerk is a Producer and Dj from a Town in Downsouth Bavaria called Regensburg.
His Discocarrier just began in 2008 when he was workin as a Barkeeper in a Club named Gloria where he listend 2 very good Djs in all kinds of Genres. Suddenly he Decided 2 buy 2 1210s and a Djm800. After 1 year he just cancelled everything witch was holding him back of making Music -
And as he descided 2 stop everything thats holding him back - his musiccareer Just went 2 the Next step and he begann 2 colaborate with Djs and Musicians in his Area which are well known good Djs and Producers - now he is a Part of the PonyHof Production Crew and he is rockin the Partys just like a few others do…

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