The Men Who Live In The Trees (Pre-Album)

Published by Petry

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Still working on this one, any feedback is appreciated "Reap what you’ve sown, boy Lay down with your kin, Wave your flags of worship Reflect on your sin, War is coming near now Gather up your men, Tighten on your feelings We’re rolling cross the bend Take what you need You’re working for me, Salute to your wives now Your widows to be Work till your nothing Get down on your knees, This is your life now Your life in the trees, God no longer hears us Pleading will always fail Cant he see were dying Cold and were frail But you like your comfort A world with no fear Follow television Drink your plastic beer Sell them to me Your mountains, your trees Run from the normal Throw down your keys Hate for the happy Life in a jar Search for the horizon Son you’ll go far I will lie here waiting Waiting for the end, Mountains will shake now The time it will bend We will stay here dormant Waiting for a spark But casted in the shadows We wait here in the dark Up in the sky Free from social fees Break from the cycle Listen to the trees Live your live waiting Jouncing for a high Leave your body Ascend to the sky." #audio #Indie #PostRock

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