Cautious of Life (feat. iNTHENi)*old*

Published by Malkoo

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Vocals by inTHENi Produced by Malkoo Lyrics according to Malkoo: Oh, really? Do I have to fade away in the rear view mirror? Oh, really? I’m paper thin stretched to the very end I’m waxy, so, don’t ask me to wax idiotic to the evening’s dying sunshine Let the mind meld; make a mental melt Start flickering like Orion’s belt I’m bleeding through the fabric like a felt tip pen Because I knows how it feels just to lose in the end Singing blues in the sand leaving clues to expand Just another grain falling through the hourglass In a sour patch, what a bitter face in a dimly lit place Where I file my boredom of body In the lazy landscape, the think tank, the memory box The same face: amazing species! Finite the physical: limited time to enjoy Hmmm… What a profound taste! My ideas in the final moments with a mild smile As my arms reach out for the flashes of love Can only work when we’re reaching up Leaking lost lessons, forgot the crossover Remain worry free in a house of reverence Drank from the sacred chalice to empower the core of our essence Oh, really? Do I have to fade away in the rear view mirror? #audio #Malkoo #Hip #Hop #Electronic #Electronic #Beats #HHA #Hip #Hop #Addicts #JahiSkilz #MrAkersTheEggs #iNTHENi

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