Attract, LLC Coloring Page Postcards

Published by Mallory Jacobson

  • 1 credits

On this project I was tasked with #designing company #stationary of some kind so my superiors could start sending #handwritten #notes to clients. Through group brainstorming, my team and I came up with the idea of capitalizing on the adult #coloring craze and making the backs of these postcards "coloring pages." In addition to sending the postcard, we also mail them two markers with a handwritten tag stating "Color Me!" This was a really #fun, #unique, and #creative project to #design and manage. We printed our materials with a company called Moo, on their "Luxe" paper, which is 32pt with a colored seam running through the middle for added flair. As usual, it was a pleasure working with Moo and very exciting when we received our product!

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