Standard Bank Cash Centre Wall graphics

Published by Marianne Louw

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STANDARD BANK CSS WALL MURALS Project: Information design and vector illustrations Client: Standard Bank for Mann Made Media Date: 2015 - 2016 These information graphics were designed for internal motivation to educate staff on very important facts and processes. They are displayed in large scale on the Head Office Cash Centre’s walls and are used in presentations and animations. The main objective is to illustrate how cash moves from The South African Bank Note Company and the South African Mint to the cash centres, and from there to banks, retailers, ATM’s, social grants and customers. There are also many other graphics depicting other spectrums of the Cash Centre such as a history overview timeline and more. This is an ever-growing and on-going project I work on for the very dynamic multimedia agency: Mann Made Media. I am the sole designer and illustrator on this project.

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