Feel It (Marina Karamarko Remix)

Published by THANQ

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THANQ is formally starting contributing to the landscape of  electronic scene with a significant first release, unveiled in June 2015 on Beatport. Independent music label based in Croatia is happily announcing it’s first digital release, with 2 original tracks and a remix. THANQ is an extension of Marina Karamarko a.k.a Miss Soulfly’s rewarded and applauded musical persona.    After a careful consideration for the first release, THANQ decided to release two original tracks of a young, talented artist from Trieste, Italy Mike Teknii (Innocent, Alboratory) with an addition of a Marina Karamarko remix (THANQ, Innocent Music, Baile Music)    Teknii’s first track is a dynamic combination of a well shaped, distinctive, strong vocal and interesting deep elements which are very rhythmic and heart – warming. It’s melodious and creates atmospheric, warm and exciting feeling. The other track is a strong conviction of a impressive and raw, more complex deep tune, clever and edgy set of sounds colliding in a cool mixture of a memorable, tuneful and imaginative sounds. Both tracks touches the experienced ear of an electronic underground but also make it easy for an average listener to feel at home with it. The remix on the other side, gives a slower but still very floor oriented beats, blending the original parts with a smooth and atmospheric parts. Her signature bass sound with her characteristic deep, quite dark elements, created a deeper, sensual track suited for a dance floor and relaxation.  THANQ is on the path of bringing a fresh and bold blood of electronic music on the surface and with every new release rising more and more anticipation, pushing a quality and uniqueness of deep electronic tunes on the top of it’s possibilities. It’s a rising brand that audience believes in. RELEASE DATE: 8th June, 2015 FOR MORE INFORMATION : https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin E-Mail: https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin   #audio #thanq #mike #teknii #italy #croatia #deeptech #minimal #firstrelease #marinakaramarko

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