Javier Ansotegui
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Amsterdam, Centrum, Netherlands
Last online: 1 year ago

Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin

Javier Ansotegui aka Mark Inna beguins his career producing hip hop bases for some friends in Burgos (Spain)in the beginning of the 2000 , after a bit of time he begins to have interest in more electronic concepts and beguin experiment with new patterns and and flows , in the very beginning of his performance career Mark was playing all around the north of Spain in small clubs and rave parties having a residence in ¨matinee club Burgos¨ , but also playing in Santander ,Vitoria ,Bilbao(club nix),Paramo Elecronic Festival ,.

In 2005 Mark moves to Madrid and there he continue learning about the producing and mastering procces , feeding his musical ¨culture¨ and improving his sounds , performing also in several rave parties and small clubs,

After 6 years in Madrid , Mark move to Eindhoven in the end of 2011 for an opportunity in his other craft ¨Hairdressing¨ and also looking for new winds

In the Netherland he find the inspiration and know some people that helps him to give a twist in his producing and mastering process reaching in this way a personal flow and better quality sound

.After considering that his sound have enough quality he tries to get his music career one step forward and move to Amsterdam in the end of 2013 ,then he beguin publishing in sound cloud and later also in myspace ,and begun to contact with local and international labels to promote and move his tunes.After a while in July 2014 he get contacted by¨ Laydee V¨ owner of the Brithish label ¨Platform 7 even¨ to sign his first contract as musician , and begun to promote some of his tunes like ¨Loose in Japan¨, Greengoe¨,or Ödds revenge¨
nowadays he´s busy in some more new projects and remixes for ¨Platform 7 even , and another labels as Housewax Records , Forwarduntoless , Attache records ¨and beguin to make all the work to promote he’s next ep …

contact : https://www.twine.fm/signin