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History & Name Those magic beans have conquered the globe in few hundred years to become the daily habit for billions around the world. Coffee beans were first discovered in the mountains of Ethiopia (based on the majority of researches). Just tens of years after; Arabs brought the beans and were the first to roast, grind, boil and drink that powerful drink. “Sufis” used this drink to help them stay awake for long times and pray through the night. Because of that effect on the brain, they called it (QAHWAT AL BONN), which is originally the Arabic translation for (Beans Liquor). With years passing, the part (QAHWA) was only referring to the coffee, and that was when the Ottoman Empire ruling the Arabian Peninsula. Turkish people pronounce (W) as (V), so the name turned into (QAVA) and later into (CAFÉ) around Europe, then COFFEE in English. #image #branding #ui/ux #packaging #coffee #cafe #packing #dubai #layout #negativespace #beans #adobeindesign #adobeillustrator

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