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AN INTRODUCTION INTO THE SCOPE OF THE WORLD HISTORY’S MOST FASCINATING CHANGE Over the past few centuries, worldwide development was mainly based on cities; the industrial revolution (end 18th – 19th c.) offers a good example in this regard. However, the progress achieved was at times detrimental to the natural environment and therefore to the public health. To mend things with earlier omissions and oversights, modern technology offers humans the chance to combine socioeconomic development with an improvement in ecological condition. The emergence of Smart & Green Cities as concept, vision and realization revealed two key benefits: sustainability and efficiency. Accumulating data, delivering innovation, and enhancing the lives of citizens, Smart & Green Cities today make of their inhabitants driven economic performers always seeking to take advantage of new technologies in order to improve their personal and collective opportunities. It goes without saying that, as unmatched promoters of socioeconomic development and technological inventiveness, Smart & Green Cities provide their inhabitants with leading opportunities in terms of innovation economy (innovation in industries, clusters, districts of a city; knowledge workforce; intimate link between education and employment; creation of knowledge-intensive companies), urban infrastructure (transport energy; utilities; protection of the environment & safety), and governance (administration services to the citizens; participatory and direct democracy; services to the citizens: quality of life). #image #editorialdesign #printdesign #typography #editorials #layout #gridsystem #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #adobeindesign #maxoncinema4d

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