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Sochi, Russia
Last online: 12 months ago

Maxim Batraev - today known as Max Riddle.
Maxim has always loved music. Xenia, sister: "I ​​remember him very little, loved to listen to the recording even a cassette, to sleep under them. Undoubtedly, a huge role in our spiritual education played a mom who has a good ear and voice. Honestly, we did not immediately realize the seriousness of the intentions of Maxim do DJing … but eventually realized that Max and Music - concepts are inseparable. "
Maxim: "I do not consider it a job, for me it is a pleasure. And I think every DJ will agree with me. DJ - it does not work, rather a lifestyle! ". Here you can list the pros before losing momentum. I will list only one and the most important - is a lesson you love that you have and feeds. The only negative, unfortunately, can not get down on the floor and break away from the rest. "
Early career 2007 Maxim begins to work actively writes tracks, improving your game. In 2011 he became a resident of the club “Paradise” Magnitogorsk.