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The Thirteen Mystery - 13 Magazine

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My ISTD entry 2015. The brief "Taboos" - I chose an exploration into the mystery, in Western culture, of the absence and taboo of the number thirteen. Although, the superstitions surrounding this number may not be specifically classed as a taboo, a large minority of people suffer from the belief that this number is a bad omen. This minority and the effects of their superstitions are so great that the fear of this number is a registered phobia; Triskaidekaphobia. I found the fear of a number based on its apparent “bad luck” interesting. I was born on a Friday the 13th and I am not a particularly lucky or unlucky person. Yet, the thought that a superstitious phobia of a number having the power to govern some peoples behaviour astonished me. I began by researching Triskaidekaphobia; the effects of it on behaviour and how these effects have impacted on the whole population. I initially thought it would be something rather small and trivial but it unraveled into something much larger and irrational. #editorial #magazine #newspaper #typography #thirteen #mystery #news #creative #zine #istd #superstition

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