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Helena, United States
Last online: 12 months ago

Hello. My name is Max. I’m a leader of the Software Development Team. We are creating applications on desktop and mobile platforms, using modern technologies. Whether you are startup or fortune enterprise, we are providing astonishing individuality according to you and your business perception, as we perceive your vision.

The company strategy is based on making a quick MVP, so our customers can use it to attract additional investments for further development.

We have successfully launched several SaaS systems, such as Giving Tree, SightLine CRM and Wendy Digital app.

Our team consists of professional mobile, front-end and back-end developers, quality assurance engineers and system administrators.

Applications we develop are always divided on back-end and front-end (following RESTful principles), making them convenient for support, maintenance and scaling. Front-end could be represented as a website, and also could be an iOS/Android application.

We can offer our great experience at creating video-streaming features based on RTMP and HLS to provide the users with deeper interaction.

Our talented web development team also could make a complete solution for different CMS projects by considering client’s online goals.

Company team leaders and project managers use JIRA and Agile/Scrum practices, so our customers can always see actual state of project.

We can show the video overviews that we produced for our future clients. We could setup a demo account and show how everything works.

Contact us and you’ll get high quality product, limited only by your imagination!
We seriously consider quality of work while providing a solution for your project.

Here’s our list of technologies we use:
ReactPHP, PHPUnit
Following PSR Standards
Laravel 5
DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle (+OLAP), MongoDB, Redis
RESTful backend
Clean architecture
Experienced in building microservices using RabbitMQ as message bus

Babel, WebPack, Gulp, Yarn
ReactJS, Vue.js, jQuery

Swift/Objective-C, Java/Kotlin
Continuous Integration
ReactiveX (RxCocoa/RxSwift, RxJava/RxKotlin)
Dependency Injection
Unit, Integration, UI tests

What I Make:
Gear & Software Experience:
Adobe Illustrator ( Expert )
Adobe Audition ( Expert )
Adobe Photoshop ( Expert )
Android ( Expert )
AngularJS ( Expert )
API ( Expert )
Facebook API ( Expert )
GitHub ( Expert )
HTML5 ( Expert )
InVision ( Expert )
IOS ( Expert )
JavaScript ( Expert )
JIRA ( Expert )
JQuery ( Expert )
Kotlin ( Expert )
Laravel ( Expert )
MailChimp ( Expert )
MySQL ( Expert )
Node.js ( Expert )
PHP ( Expert )
PostgreSQL ( Expert )
ReactJS ( Expert )

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