Vitamines - Original Prod. M.Sambrook

Published by Melissa Love

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I've been tryin hard to do rolling basses since i learned of their existance a few months ago (Thx Jordan Suckley 4 your Youtube Sylenth Rolling Bass Tutorial,I think I'm makin em roll now:) Also hope I labeled this track correctly , Its either #Trance or Tech Trance even though im not really sure what the differences are , all I Know is it's 138 BPM And I'm still tryin 2 master them myself although im too adhd an perverted druggy freak to grasp all the mathematical like aspects of mastering , hope soon will find a rich pimp/manager or wtvr so i can pay 2 get em mastered, me i like makin melodies,tryin 2 learn chords n such...N-E ways hopefully yall will like , ciao n feel free 2 give opinions even if its just 2 tell me u dont like my tracks , i like to know these things #audio #Trance 138 bpm #edm

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