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New York, Manhattan, United States
Last online: 12 months ago

Meta Mike is an American Hip-Hop recording artist from New York City, New York. He was named at birth Michael Brown on December 17, 1994. In the year 2007 he realized that he had a loving connection with music. After turning 13 years old his mother brought him recording equipment for Christmas. He learned to use the equipment to best of his ability. He began the task of mastering his vocal skills. His unique vocal twist style and creative metaphors helped to establish the name Meta Mike. His first recording was titled “Get Ur Gurl” over Ron Browz “Pop Champagne”. Meta then posted the song on Myspace to be heard and receive local feedback. The song reached over 2,000 listens and over 250 downloads within 2 weeks. Meta was now inspired to drop his first mixtape called “Beginning Of Greatness” in 2009.

Meta Mike then realized he needed art work for the mixtape and felt the desire to create it himself. From that day on he began his Graphic Design career. The mixtape hit thousands of views and major feedback on DatPiff.com. In 2010 he shot his first music video "Million Bucks” (Freestyle) on the rooftop of his building directed by himself. He also had a hand in editing the video. Meta remained independent leaving others to doubt that he would be able to multi task and stay consistent. In 2011 he dropped several mixtapes throughout the year. “Description Of Meta” was dropped first to show fans who he really was and the reason to take his career serious. A month later he dropped “God’s Gift V1” to keep the summer hot. The following winter he felt the urge to turn it up a notch. So he dropped “The Lost Connection”. After that he dropped a couple more mixtapes to end the year off, “Last Stop In Harlem” dedicated to his hometown, “Puddle Of Success”, “The City” and “D.E.M.O”. In 2012 he dropped his latest EP titled “I Am META” which hit 2,000 views in a day.

Once the mixtapes were in circulation Meta knew it was time to promote them. His first performance was at Rucker Park, New York which hundreds of people came out to see. Meta Mike then went on to perform at venues such as The TLA in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, Atlantic City High School, New Jersey, and Club Nuyorican, Brooklyn.New York.