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The second half of my Master's degree, a rescoring of various cues from an Episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon) entitled "Hush"(S4 Ep 10, 1999). As a brief synopsis, the gang's hometown of Sunnydale is beset by an eerie group of monsters known as "The Gentlemen". They steal the voices of everyone in Sunnydale, so they can go about their business of collecting human hearts in silence. The gang, and some unlikely allies, must find a way to work together to discover and combat the threat, without being able to use their voice. I chose this episode to score because, since the majority of it has no dialogue, there was more onus on the music to provide the interest. It was a fun project to work on,the villains required subtle, eerie scoring, the deeds were more horrific, there are also action scenes to score, and a number of comedy elements to weave in, so there was really a lot to achieve. A few of the cues below are grouped, because they run in quick succession on screen. Unfortunately for copyright reasons, I can't display the episode, but if anyone is curious as to how I fit the elements to image (since that was the point of the project) please contact me for a private link. #audio #Soundtrack #Horror #Dark #Fantasy #Soundtrack

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