CHROMA - Liberation

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Chroma began as a vague concept as a prequel to Shadow Sprinters, the main story that I had running back in 2009. Shadow Sprinters became a popular online series on the site it was hosted on at the time, eventually leading my interest into a deeper backstory and history for the characters and the universe. Whilst Shadow Sprinters and the first drafts of Chroma started as a webseries, my more recent and personal influences has started to lean towards CGI technology and new mediums as games and films. My vision for the series is broadening, and though I cannot say for sure yet, it'll be likely that Chroma will appear in other formats, whether it would be an interactive story, a mini-game, or if I'm dedicated enough, a film project in the future. Budget and time is always an issue, and Chroma will be starting small, keeping its roots as an online graphic novel for now, and later appearing as printed copies. #landscape #cityscape #illustration #concept #conceptart #game #film #storyboard #characterdesign #environmentdesign

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