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Because the truth of the words then the weirdness of these sounds (if weird at all to u) are what all recent events make me feel like..bombs blasting...people shooting people that could have been their own brothers and sisters and mothers and children and friends in another Life... because the weirdness of these sounds is not weird at all to me... because the sound is limitless... and because if u feel anything at all listening to this u might have felt me too.... what is a suicide-bombers Heaven? Mine is Music....Sound...because we are made of vibrations, internal detonations, explosions of neurones and contradicting thoughts killing sometimes the Heart....yet the heart emits the strongest vibration field u could ever imagine! #OneLove #MissVonCnoblock NB Not for sale nor commercial use. I only mixed the set with individual tracks which i don't own, produce nor published. Courtesy of my russian friend Alex met in Goa and his awesome friends! Namaste! #audio #Experimental #Minimal #Techno #music #acoustic #rock #clip #rap #remix #song #album #indie

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