Good Vibes Only

Published by Miss Weirdy

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Music Video on Youtube: Amazon: Bandcamp: And also on Itunes and many more. Good Vibes Only is the first Single track from the upcoming EP U.F.O ( Undefined Female Object) which will be released in April 2016. With this song, I'm bringin Good Vibes with a conscious content straight from my own universe to the beautiful planet earth. It's a deep and soulful track which will guaranteed stimulate your soul. Press play and start to feel Good Vibes Only. Vocals + Lyrics by: Miss Weirdy Beat by: Devillion Mixed and Mastered by: Reiner E. (InnFaya) Cover art created by: Joss Inspired by : The Universe Thanks to everyone who was involved in this piece of art. Much love to anyone . Keep vibin with tha good vibes. xx MW #audio #Hip Hop Soul #soul #Hip #Hop #soulartist #rapartist #conscious #abanger #studiosession #austria #missweirdy #goodvibesonly #goodvibes #positive

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