Band Practice(Produced By 9th Wonder)

Published by MC MonoPoleJoe

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Just a song I wrote to a 9th Wonder beat for the fun of it. Lyrics: It's just a piece of mind to say you raw at rappin' but nah u ain't takin' a piece of mine. My Piece of the pie, straight up, i cut yo finger 'fo i get yo germs in my stuff, don't get beat up. I roll the leaf up and chief up, swallow a pizza, while yall fools runnin' in circles searchin' to be us. Like a Fictional Description, yall fools don't know true if it hit ya. (Man) These Dudes is "michael" bad, minus the talent he has and all of his cash, pimp. We are here like christ second comin' and, you are not jay-z and pharrell, stop frontin' man. I'm from a city where life isn't a sugar iced tea lemon delivery, livin' ain't crime-free. No matter what side, B, I was raised up north, the folks and the lords too, the stones came forth too. But they were too close dude, two blocks turf ain't cool, thats why the fights in uptown had a major boost. Thieves and the deaths also, toast to the lost bros, and a moment of silence to all of the lost souls. I do this for you if anybody ask, and ima carry it on my back till it hurts my ass. All of this can even be a conspiracy, who is you and me what is right politically? Is Obama actually a part of the Illumanti, yes you can have your name as a heated body. I don't know and you don't know either, so we don't know at all, knowledge of a no believer. Or no knowledge of a third party, a third person point of view isn't a part of our story. Random Randomness is handsome to a slander, fixed and tied to the nonsense that you is better than... Mwah, nah i wouldn't go that far, thats like to Jordan from Minnesota in a car. A Rest stop, let's stop at this taco bell and figure out how we gon come outta this hard shell. To profit and make sell from this sound enhancement, straight up romantic, or a panic. If you wack like a whip to the booty meat, then, as an untrue mc, you will unsuceed. And this is true indeed, this is not new to me, we all gotta eat, let's just do this in unity. #audio #hip hop #9th #wonder #monopolejoe #hip #hop #rap #band #practice #sayjak #miscellanous #lp #new #l #ife #life #music #group

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