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Produced By Myke Forte Lyrics: The Intimacy post the Energy of enemy to intercept like Killer Bees (Sell)!!! Witchcraft is not my Forte, Never My Cup Of tea, No no to cock block where hearts rock call it Chemistry. (Yup) Love lost, Love gain, Idk what's your pain, writing is my most highest climate of a Gold Day. Joy To the ears, we gotta hear that love, is the world gone mad? All we need to success is the trees and the bud, matter of opinion, Because, i am a starving artist tryna find a hug. (Right) Most of yall just want cans, i just want the whole jug, mostly dog you no hands, claimin you a thug. Eee To Agree without love (wit out luh') wit out love its not nice, why you bring the icebox to refrigurate what's right? As in not left, handed to the bandit wit the mic in his hand, a heart's knife. #audio #hip hop

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