I Think So(Guess What?)[Produced By Stellar Men]

Published by MC MonoPoleJoe

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MonoPoleJoe aka The Mad Scientist. Follow Mono on Twitter!!!(@sayjakpolejoe) I Think So(Guess What?)[Produced By Stellar Men] Recorded At NL Chop Shop Studios 2014. "An Abstract Interpretation of what life is." Video coming soon. Lyrics I think so, guess what I can fly high in the sky and still know what's up. Cops is passing, sirens are enabled Maybe it's a crime, or maybe it's a fable. Life's like a fantasy sometimes and in my mind I'm, tryin' to figure out a line. That can describe the feelin' inside That i'm feelin', we must step aside. And recognize the trickery, that life has offer, All the mystery lessons that is taught ta. Us, to be true, but who is me and who is you, what is fake and what is true. I think so guess what I don't think so cause life's a curve ball in the cut. It not as simple as it use to seem, I wish it was a dream, but it's mean. And you only get one as told, I don't know, maybe so, maybe we can be a toad. On a tadpole as a different soul, Differences appear as a new role. It like comparison of ppl in the hole, to ppl with a sequel that has fortune full of gold. You never know what the future may hole, It's mind blowin', as the future was told. Don't You stress it, Life consist of the opposite of bless it. No, no, no, no, Don't, don't, don't, don't leave ya message, ya message is you, No need to prove, no need to move fa the fools. Cause they egg-headed, keep ya hustle, And stay reserved, muff em out ya bubble. I know so, guess what I'm prepared for whatever I just had to buckle up. #audio #Abstract Hip Hop #Experimental #monopolejoe #life #i #think #so #guess #what #stellar #men #new #underground #remix #abstract #hip #hop

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