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In 2015 motivated by the same passion, after traveling through Colombia and Peru, Maud Cavalade and Sébastien Cheppe decided to join forces to develop a live music project to create an innovative and exciting sound. This sound is the clash between afro-tropical groove, psychedelic and shamanic ceremonial sounds. In their performance Moonanga incorporates Guitar, Kalimba, Cuatro and Accordion to enhance plasticity and expression in dialectics with electronic music. The word “Moonanga” comes from the African country of Gabon and it means “Luck”. This four track EP by French duo Moonanga blends electronic music with influences of Colombian, and Peruvian Indigenous and Quechua culture using Guitar, Mbira, Accordion, Synthesizers, Computer and Effects fused with house and techno. #audio #World #Cumbia #Electronic #Psychedelic #Rock

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