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Moose Raja is just your average kid, whose experiences have been anything but average. He has travelled all over the country, and all over the world for various personal reasons. These experiences are vividly painted into his music.

Moose Raja used to freestyle in the back of class in his early grade school years. His musicality extends beyond rapping. Moose Raja picked up guitar, when he was ten. That $50 guitar sat in his closet collecting dust, until the day he was moved by his 7th grade music teacher’s ability to shred on the guitar that he picked it back up. Since then, Moose Raja has perfected his skills on the guitar and learned to play the drums, bass guitar, piano, and has also learned how to work his way around digital audio workstations such as Cakewalk Sonar and Reason. All of this is what has shaped Moose’s flow and musicality in his rap songs.

Moose Raja grew up in Westbury New York, a small suburban town located 20 minutes away from Queens New York, where Moose currently spends most of his time. Westbury, or Westmoney as local residents call it, was not no normal suburb. It was an on-the-fence hood. Moose was no stranger to drug dealings and violence, but then again, even the kids in American television suburbia were exposed to their fair share of that. A good 75% of moose’s peers were either Blood, Blood affiliated, or Mara Salvatrucha, although Moose believes that a lot of these dudes was a bunch of fuck boys fronting. Westbury was no Compton, Chiraq, or the south Bx. Westbury was just Westmoney. Kids got killed, but it wasn’t daily. Getting jumped however, was a daily routine for Moose, as he wasn’t very popular in his neighborhood. Although he doesn’t show it much in his music, he holds a lot of pride in his Pakistani origin, regardless of all the post 9/11 racism he received. It wasn’t until Moose got older that he realized how lucky he was to have the constant love and support of his family, something most of his peers in Westbury never had.

Moose Raja also spent some time living in Spring Texas, or what Long Island is to New York City, to Houston Texas. This was quite the change for him. The culture there was quite different also. Here he was facing racism, making friends that were just doing a bunch of drugs, and dying off from self-infliction, and yet this was somehow different from Westmoney?

Moose learned as he got older that the term hood was a way of derogatively referring to a minority neighborhood that wasn’t doing so well with crime and poverty, as these were things he witnessed in his time spent down south, in a not so “ghetto” environment, yet that neighborhood couldn’t possibly be any further from being considered “hood”.

Currently, Moose is about to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, but hopes his music career will take off, if just enough to put food on the table, before he is placed before the ultimatum of picking between Grad school and music. Moose Raja just wants to be able to make a living off of his raps, nothing more nothing less. Although, making the cover of XXL magazine would be cool too.

    uniE603 Reflection (produced By Canis Major)
    uniE608 Dreamin' it (Feelin' it Freestyle)
    uniE603 Urban Diablos Moose Raja x Ace Bandito
    uniE603 Chevy Impala (Produced by Royalty Jones)
    uniE603 No Twinz (Deep Cover 2015)

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