Young Pryde - See Some Fame (Snip) Ft. Mr. Black

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This is off Young Pryde mix tape, that's dropping the first of Feb. Go check out Young Pryde page: Lyrics Verse: Mr. Black Family and homies all believe in me/ One of these days I'ma reach my dreams/ When I do, bring both of teams/ No worries I'll never let that cream ruinin me/ I'ma try to stay the same way y'all remember me/ I ain't tryna see some fame/ Tryna get the fame to see me/ I'm the cream of the crop/ Ain't ever gon stop/ Tryna reach the top/ Ready to put the game on lock/ Anyone steps in my way better know how to box/ Cause I'ma knock their block off/ Workin to hard to take a payoff/ Can't ya see I'm ready to takeoff/ Homez we on mae the playoffs/ We gon' show out and we gon show off/ #audio #Snip

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