Young Pryde - Alll Day (Snip) Ft. Mr. Black

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This is off Young Pryde mix tape, that's dropping the first of Feb. Go check out Young Pryde page: Lyrics Verse: Mr. Black It's hard out here fo a youngin on da streets/ Tryna make it by anyway he sees/ Tryna make dat green by any means/ Things startin to feel strange/ Depression settlin on his brain/ Got em wonderin what's da point of hustlin/ Workin around da clock fo da lil green ya make every two weeks/ Got em thinkin what's da point of livin/ We all know da out come's dyin/ Suicidal thoughts what he thinkin/ Is there a place fo our souls, wonderin/ Tired seeing hard workin people dying/ Not able to leave a lil somethin fo their families/ So I guess dat's da reason to keep on livin/ So one day he can leave a lil somethin fo his family/ And probably a lil legacy or two/ They don't need to live like em/ They don't need to follow em/ Want em to follow their own dreams/ Fo now I'ma keep on hustling/ #audio #Snip

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