Mr Ward317
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Indianapolis, United States
Last online: 1 year ago
Mr.Ward317 is an American rapper, from Indianapolis, Indiana he grew up in the urban neighborhood called Haughville USA within his music you will hear the experiences of Mr. Ward growing up in the inner city of Haughville USA. For 2015 Mr. Ward, has open up for the following rappers Lil Boosie, Twista, Lil Flip, Pastor Troy, & Scarface just to name a few. Mr. Ward already has a single out called Concrete, which you can listen to on Mr. Ward, will be releasing a mix tape called Haughville USA in the coming weeks. Make sure you follow the hash tag #‎MrWard317 along with the following social media sites: Twitter: @MrWard317 Facebook: MrWard Akafootsoldja Youtube: Mr Ward317 To book Mr Ward317 contact; Mike Treez: Mr Ward317: 317.515.5229

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