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Wallingford, United States
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www.djsevolved.com/murmur 06/26/15 - Connecticut EDM Festival 07/02/15 - Pyroglyphics Music Festival 07/10/15 - Tight Crew Presents Mario Vs Sonic at Lupos 7/10/15 09/05/15 - RDP Presents Gets Schooled, In School Suspension 09/10/15 - Elemental Fusion Music Festival It starts as a faint MurMur in the distance. Getting closer and closer, and louder and louder, it begins to take over you. Possessed by sound, your souls are entranced to join the march of this army of lost souls as they dance forth to the beat of the pounding drums. These souls have been captivated by one powerful demon, the demon of music, the one they call MurMur. Armed with an arsenal of beats, MurMur and his army are coming for you, and you will be helpless but to join them, and surrender your soul to the demon of music. Austin Bishop, is the human incarnation of MurMur, the Demon of Music, formerly known as Raver Satan. Born and raised in Connecticut, MurMur has spread his original sounds throughout Connecticut, New York, much of the North East and continuing beyond and has gotten support from Demien Sixx, Bear Grillz and Dirty Loud, Fingers Devious, Nerd Rage and, Ill.Gates. Over the past few years Murmur has had many original productions. Under his former alias Raver Satan, he released 2 EPs as an independent artist titled "Rise of the Black Pope EP" and "Straight Satanic EP". MurMur has also released an EP called "He's Coming For You EP" and a full length album called "Heart MurMurs" on iTunes, Spotify, Beats Music, Amazon and Google Play. As a live DJ, MurMur spins his original productions as well as Electro House to Dubstep and even Hardstyle and Happy Hardcore! With an uncanny ability to posses any crowd, Murmur will capture your body and soul and have you dancing straight to hell. Has been billed with: Bro Safari Nerd Rage Drop Goblin DJ Knowledge Lil Jon DJ Venom Shiftee 2Rip Crizzly LAXX Antiserum Donald Glaude SuperStar DJ Keoki SoulSlinger Delirium Downlink Savant Liquid Stranger Lady Faith Phutureprimitive Zardonic Mantis RUN DMT Buku DJ CAFFEINE DANK S-Factor iLL.Gates PPLPRSN Signed to: Smooth Villain Records & Mosh Squad Records Residencies: Toad's Place Night Club Tuxedo Junction Past Residencies Empire Night Club WPKN Radio Afterlife Afterhours Club Links: MTV: www.mtv.com/artists/MurMur-Official Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UColUu_zilSoTMRlyCB6RMfg Facebook: www.facebook.com/MurMurOfficial/ Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/MurMurOfficial Twitter: www.twitter.com/MurMurOfficial Instagram: www.instagram.com/MurMurOfficial DJsEvolved: www.DJsEvolved.com/MurMur ToneDen: www.toneden.io/murmurofficial Clowdy: www.clowdy.com/MurMur The Artist Union: www.theartistunion.com/murmurofficial Booking Info: NY Manager: Mikey Franchise Phone Number: 516-647-4877 International Manager: Conor Crowley Phone Number: 860-304-7381 Email: MurMurOfficial@live.com Website:https://www.djsevolved.com/murmur
      uniE603 MurMur - Break Glowsticks Not Hearts (Original Mix)
      uniE603 Monday Massacre Presented by MurMur! Episode 001